Real Life Membership Call Replays

  1. What if I miss a session or can't make the time?

We understand there will be times you can’t make it, so we record all calls and you will have access to them for 12 months after the call date. This will also be useful for any sessions you wish to listen to more than once.

  1. When will the replay be available?

The recordings will be posted in the course library within 24-48 hours after each class completes.

  1. How can I access the call replays?

Once you log into your RLT Hub account (, click the "My Courses Tab" at the top of the homepage, once you are taken to the courses page the Real Life Membership should be at the top right. If not, please scroll through until you find "Real Life Membership" and click on it.

In this course library, you will see the calls listed on the left side, under the "Training Archive" tab.  All of the calls are organized by month, once you click on it, the 3 calls will appear. You can also follow this direct link.

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