Couples Experiential for Couples Seeking to Participate

  1. How often does this event take place?

We hope to have one Couples Experiential every quarter. When the event is scheduled, it will show up here. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the news, you can do so on this page.

  1. Can I get on a wait list to participate as a couple?

We do not keep a wait list, you will have to check back in regularly to see if it is available for purchase yet and make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter.

  1. What other couples work can I do while I wait for this offering to become available?

A great place to start is the Relationship Grid Assessment Quiz, this will give you a snapshot of how healthy your boundaries and self-esteem are and provide some suggestions of where to go from there.

A course that we suggest taking with your partner or by yourself to improve your relational skills is The Art of Relational Living.

Another good option is The Relationship Bootcamp, which is a weekend intensive taught by certified RLT therapists all around the country, both in-person and online.

  1. What is the schedule like for couples to participate?

Each couple has generally about 75-90 minutes with Terry for a deep couples therapy session, they join the full 2 days. After each couple has their session, we open up a conversation between Terry and all 5 couples together where they can share what the session brought up for them. There is a lot of opportunity for this group work in addition to their own session with Terry.

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