Information About Real Life Calls and Email Reminders

  1. How long are the calls?

Each call is one hour long.

  1. What are some sample times of when the monthly calls take place?

Each month, the times vary slightly, but here are the calls for a typical month to give you an idea:

  1. June 4th at 12pm ET: Real Life Call withTerry
  2. June 13th at 11am ET: Real Life Call with Faculty Bonny Slim
  3. June 14th at12pm ET:  RLT Business: Grow Your Practice
  4. June 20th at 12pm ET: Advanced Real Life Call with Terry
  5. June 21st at12pm ET: RLT Business: Your Website
  6. June 28th at 12pm ET: Real Life Call with Faculty Cathy Hill

  1. I am in the Zoom waiting room, am I missing class?

Sometimes classes start a bit late due to technical challenges. If you are waiting for longer than 2-3 minutes past the hour, please reach out to for assistance.

  1. I am not receiving Real Life call email reminders, can you help?

Unfortunately, emails with your call reminder do not always make it to your inbox due to spam filters etc. All of the upcoming zoom links are posted in the course library, you can access them by signing into your RLT Hub account and going to the "Real Life Membership" course library and clicking on Upcoming Calls. You can also follow this direct link.

On the same page, you will see the option to add the events to your calendar to receive reminders and the zoom links.

If you think there could be a technical error on our side, please reach out to us at

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