Advanced Real Life Calls

  1. What is the difference between Advanced and regular Real Life calls?

The Advanced calls are a place for our senior practitioners to ask questions focusing on more advanced RLT topics. Everyone else is welcome to observe these sessions through a Vimeo stream link.

  1. What is the Real Life Advanced call criteria?

The criteria to join this group is the following:

  1. Anyone already IN Real Life either paying monthly or with free access through certification PLUS:
  2. Anyone who is RLT Certified, OR
  3. Anyone who has completed Level 3 training

  1. I am a senior practitioner, how can I participate in the Advanced calls ?

You will receive an email with the Zoom link so you have a chance to ask questions live. The Advanced call will also be recorded and stored in the RLT Hub so you can watch it anytime.

  1. Where can I find the recordings of the Advanced Real Life calls?

The replays are posted in the Real Life Membership course library in a separate section titled Advanced Training Call Archives, you can also follow this direct link.

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