Working Privately with Terry

  1. Is Terry accepting new clients?

No, unfortunately, Terry is not taking on new clients at this time. He is spending his time teaching and speaking as well as continuing with his writing.

While we all love Terry's no nonsense approach, he is not the only one offering that kind of approach. That is precisely why he has spent years training others in Relational Life Therapy. He knows he won't be around forever and that this work and style needs to continue.

We encourage you to take a look at our Practitioner Directory, which is a list of our RLT Certified Therapists that have completed the RLT Certification Program, which includes significant training with Terry.

  1. How can I stay in the loop about other ways to work with Terry?

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter by following this link. This way we will let you know about future courses, as well as new Couples Experientials.

  1. Can Terry make a Therapist recommendation for me?

Due to the enormous number of people on our calls and in our programs Terry is not able to make specific recommendations to everyone. He limits any suggestions like that to either clients he is working with directly, or on occasion a caller he can interact with himself.

We have many Therapists and Coaches that are Certified in RLT after extensive training with Terry Real and our Faculty. They are featured on our Practitioner Directory.

We do not recommend any specific person over another, they have all trained extensively with Terry and are great alternatives to working with him. You may reach out to any or several to hear about their offerings and availability.

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