Choosing an RLT Therapist

  1. Where can I find your list of RLT Therapists?

Take a look at our Therapist Map, which is a list of our RLT Certified Therapists that have completed the RLT Certification Program, which includes significant training with Terry.

  1. What if I don't see a Therapist Listed in my area?

Our Therapist Map is up to date, so unfortunately - what you see there is what we have available at the moment. We update the Map as soon as there are new Therapists joining us, so please do check back once in a while.

  1. Do some Therapists work online?

Yes, there are many therapists that work remotely through online sessions. If they do so, it will say underneath their contact information and you would have to check with them if they are legally allowed to work with out-of-state patients.

  1. What is the difference between Trained and Certified in RLT?

We have multiple programs that we offer for professionals looking to apply RLT to their practices.  The first is the full Certification, which includes our courses, plus Practicums, small group Mentoring, and a Case Review.

Then we have the RLT Training, which includes all of the same courses, but​​ excludes the other 3 key components mentioned above, through which we are able to gauge whether someone is fully knowledgeable in RLT.  To say in another way, we are not able to recommend those who have taken the Trained Program with us, because it is entirely self-study.

  1. Can trauma informed work like this really be done online?

Yes, RLT Therapy can be done virtually. Terry does all of his work virtually now, as well as a number of our faculty members' practice is mostly virtual as well.

  1. Please note, we can’t verify or check any particular Therapist level of extra training. For Example; Trauma, specialities in working with Neurodiverse people. We can only vet what we have trained them on, their level of RLT training.
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